Sunday, January 15, 2012

Beginning my 50 by 50 List (first 5)

      So, my good buddy Sharon Emory created a 50 by 50 list of things that she really wanted to do by the time she was 50.  I've spent a few months thinking about what I would like to have in my list, so here we go with my first installment.

1. DeClutter.  I so need to do this.  I have been somewhat of a packrat (a trait I inherited as the youngest child of parents who grew up during the Great Depression and threw nothing out on the chance that parts of whatever can be used again).  I now find myself in a major state of clutter.  At any rate, getting rid of stuff has been coming in stages, so I begin until I get to the point where I don't know where to go to next and take a break.  I hope to be successful with this soon :).   

2.  Paint/Draw again.  This was something that I used to do and really enjoyed.  At one time in college, I was attempting to be a double major in Elementary Education and Art Education.  I ended up giving the Art Education part due to me only having the financial support of my parents (who went without for me to go to school without loans).  I had a part time job at Wendy's, but with supplies being hundreds of dollars and back then wages were 3.35 an hour, I just couldn't afford it anymore.  Anyhoo, I plan on getting back into this

3.  New Couch.  We so desperately need a new couch, of which every member of my family will readily attest to.  However, my mother is in a state of major denial, thinking that there is nothing wrong with the couch (LOL she never sits on it and doesn't have to deal with trying to get up off the floor).  Now some of my friends have said "just go get one".  Well, I have to tell you that "just going to get one" won't do it.  My mother has very specific details in mind for the couch.  I have commented on the fact that I was going to get one, to which my mother replied, "neither you nor the couch will get through the door".  LOL.  such is life. 

4.  Lose weight.  I need to do this as well.  I am currently 100 pounds overweight.  Pair that with being a diabetic on top of it, and BAM! recipe for potential disaster.  I don't think I will ever be as skinny as I was in high school, but if i can at least get 60 - 70 pounds off, I will be happy.  The problem is that I work out, diet, exercise, etc etc. and drop down to about 270 and then get stuck and stay there, I just can't seem to get past that damn number. 

5.  Get out of debt.  I need to get my self more financially secure.  I'm not getting any younger and in about 12 - 15 years, i can retire ( I will have 30 years in at 55).  I need to make sure i have my nest egg ready to go for that time, because when I quit teaching, I will not be a substitute. 

     There you have it, the first 5 of my 50 by 50 list.  I welcome comments or suggestions from my friends.  All are welcome.  Until next time,  good night.